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COMPLETE...A brief "Getting to Know You" questionnaire introducing the student to OPERATION: SEED INC.  The questionnaire will include the student's contact information, name of their high school, name of the person who introduced them to OPERATION: SEED INC., their business vision, a list of items specific to their business venture that would be of greatest value in a $500 start-up kit to be provided by OPERATION: SEED INC. after completion of a business development educational experience (as described below) and submission of a simple business plan.

CONNECT...Either virtually, by phone, or in person with an OPERATION: SEED INC matched community member at least one time each month for a six-month period after graduation for the purpose of discussing progress, successes, setbacks, concerns, and next steps.

PARTICIPATE...In a single-session or short-term program, consultation, or workshop facilitated by one of the following (click on the name for information about each program/business):  Elon University School of Law Small Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic; Kassie Ettefagh, Greensboro Public Library Business and Nonprofit Librarian; GTCC Small Business Center; Launch Greensboro; Salina At Your Service, LLC., Business Consultant; SCORE NC Piedmont Triad; Brian Hamilton Foundation Starter High Program; MaineStreet Business Buildingor a similar local (on site or virtual) or national (virtual) provider of business development educational experiences.  OPERATION: SEED INC. will cover the student's participation fee where applicable.

SUBMIT...A business plan to OPERATION: SEED INC. after the completion of a selected business development educational experience as described above.

PROVIDE...Feedback about their experience at 6-month, 12-month, and 2-year intervals for the purpose of assisting OPERATION: SEED INC. with tracking program impact, sustaining successful program components, replacing less-effective program components, providing updates to supporters, and strengthening community and student connections.

CONSIDER...Sharing insight from their program experience with at least one student in the next year's cohort.

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