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OPERATION: SEED, INC. welcomes our first mentoring team for our emerging entrepreneurial dreamers! They are professionals who are passionate about engaging, encouraging, educating,

and equipping the next generation for success!

Sherree Wilson Headshot.jpg

Sherree Wilson has built a dynamic reputation with over 30 successful years of experience as a business builder, author, and is listed as #3 in sales volume nationally as a Clarins Skincare & Cosmetic Account Executive.


Sherree found that her heart and gift always germinated towards building successful teams of people.


She is a talented life coach who offers personalized coaching sessions to help clients and businesses identify their goals, overcome obstacles; and, she offers innovative marketing ideas to help create the outcomes clients truly want.


As a Life Coach, Sherree is a skilled practitioner, her goal is committed to working harmoniously with her clients to gain clarity on their vision for the future and to create a plan of action that will help them achieve their goals.


Sherree is passionate about helping people create positive changes in their lives, and she firmly believes that everyone can achieve their dreams and reach their full potential


Chandler Price.PNG

Chandler Price has been working with the Guilford County school system for 10 years.


After working in after school care for a few years, he took a brief hiatus in order to work for a nonprofit that provides academic support services to students who are often overlooked.  


He then transitioned to the exceptional children classroom, where he participated in the delivery of special services for students with disabilities, provided academic instruction, and reinforced learning within small groups. 


Chandler now has his own after school program within the school system where he works at a Title 1 school (a school where federal funds are used to help close the student achievement gap and increase student achievement). 



Richard Ware-Powell was born in August 1973, Jamaica Queens, New York.


He graduated from Francis Lewis High School, Fresh Meadows, NY.


Richard also graduated from NEW YORK INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (NYIT). BS Business Administration, (Marketing), Minor in Finance.


Background in Sales and Finance: Branch Teller and Financial Services specialist at Central Carolina Bank (CCB). Assistant Branch Manager, First Citizens Bank and Trust.


Richard joined the Greensboro Fire Department, November 2001, 49th recruit Class. Currently: Senior Firefighter at GFD Station 19.


I have a passion for helping others and service to the citizens of Greensboro.


Through life experience and education, I wish to share knowledge and guidance.

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