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It takes faith to sow a seed.

We must prepare a place to sow the seed

even before we know that what is in the seed will actually grow.

Sowing a seed requires us to open our hand and let go.

When we sow a seed, we cannot see what is happening

in the deep, dark place where we released into the earth what we held in our hand.

We must wait to see if what we are expecting

will actually break through and bloom or bear fruit

as promised by the picture on the packet.

But while we are waiting, we still have work to do.

We need to water (and sometimes even weed)

the place that looks barren but where we know we sowed a seed.

We cannot become impatient and dig up the ground to see the state of the seed.

We just have to trust that what was planted will produce.

We must, in faith, sow our seed and wait to receive the harvest that we need.

It takes faith to sow a seed.

Just believe.

~Bernadette 11/29/2022

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